Reflection #7: KQED: Mind/Shift. How we will learn: One Size Does Not Fit All: The Need for Variety in Learning

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One Size Does Not Fit All: The Need for Variety in Learning
In this blog Mr. Wai considers how students are to be taught and how each student needs different stimulation and needs to suit him or her in a way that will help make them succeed. He ties together how we in our physical needs need many different things such as vitamins and nutrients and wonders if that isn’t just what students need in their education and learning. He references The Journal of Educational Psychology and how we conceptualize education as a dose concept and how one dose fits all needs and levels of attainment.

After reading this blog and reflecting on how I was taught as a student I can see how schools and the system of education tries to do one size fits all, especially with the teaching strategies and learning aspects. I remember most of my teachers just lecturing and trying to get us to memorize things for tests off of worksheets and right out of the book, where we had no hands on activiites or one on one instruction. There were many times where the teachers ran their classrooms a certain way because that is how they had always done it and would continue to do so because it suited them. However, I see this as a great injustice to me and to many other kids who are being taught the same way. We are not all geared to fit inside of one persons’ mold or what they want, we are each individuals with different needs and ways of thinking. These differences help to foster opinions and ideas if the teachers can find ways to help us stimulate our creativity and allowing students to be able to learn information in many different ways.

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